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Life at the Beach!

Living in Deerfield Beach, FL two blocks from the beach.

Jonathon King’s new novel - “The Styx”

I’m luck to be surrounded by talented people including Jonathon King, former Sun Sentinel reporting, now fiction writer who lives near by and frequents Bru’s room across the street for lunch. All of his books are based in South Florida so besides the always interesting stories, it’s fun to know the locations and in some cases even the people that are mentioned or referred to. His latest is a bit of a diversion into a historical novel based mostly in Palm Beach / West Palm beach revolving around Henry ......

STS-125 Launch view from South Florida

When I’m home in Deerfield Beach, FL (26.317N, 80.078W) and there is a space shuttle launch watch it from the top of the 5 story garage across the street. Below is the view overall slightly enhanced and then the launch trail heavily enhanced so you can see it clearly. The view is facing north so you can see that the the space center is actually a bit west, ~ 80.6 W due to the slantof Florida to the east. The tall building below the right corner of the enhanced area is the Boca Resort. We live a few ......


After 34 years (original was in 1975 when I graduated college) of having an American Express card in my wallet AMEX finally pissed me off so much over the past couple of months (I did send a payment to the wrong AMEX account so I’m not blameless but fuck them) that I pulled it from my wallet for the last time and made this small memorial in my office: ......

Software SDR - the RXTX+Xtall v6.3 kit

I've started construction of a HF (High Frequency vs UHF/VHF ham bands) radio that will cover ~ 1.8 to 30 mhz. it is a kit put together by Tony Parks and supported by a very active community: http://groups.yahoo.com/gro... I tell you, either my eyes have gone downhill (for sure) or those surface mount components got much smaller in the 20 years since I last worked in a lab every day. This would be especially hard without community driven detailed construction notes: http://golddredgervideo.com... ......

Severe lost of points!

Being married for over 25 years, my wife (Bobbi) and I have a well established "points" system. Of course it only works one way, she "always" has plenty of points! Normally I'm in pretty good shape, send her flowers at work on our anniversary, take care of her when she is sick, buy tickets to go see our son in Chicago because he can't come here for Christmas. This weekend I definitly blew it! I'm visiting my dad in Phillidelphia and did not try to make it home yesterday for hurricane Wilma. Now Bobbi ......


A great effort by the developer community to collect, clean and make searchable, all the data related to people trying to find each other. http://www.katrinadataproje... From Joe Healy: http://www.devfish.net/Full... From Julie Lerman: http://www.thedatafarm.com/... Content from Julie: by way of Rocky Lhotka's blog where he is also passing on the information: We're a few local (ATL) ASP.NET programmers who have ......

Hurricane Katrina

1+ million people homeless!

Unknown number dead.

Rampant looting and violence.

Water continues to rise!

Donate to the effort!


Atlantic 2005 Tropical Storm Names

Tropical Update: http://www.weather.com/newscenter/tropical/?from=tabset

  • Arlene - Final Track - 6/11/2005
  • Bret
  • Cindy
  • Dennis
  • Emily
  • Franklin
  • Gert
  • Harvey
  • Irene
  • Jose
  • Katrina
  • Lee
  • Maria
  • Nate
  • Ophelia
  • Philippe
  • Rita
  • Stan
  • Tammy
  • Vince
  • Wilma
  • Whats a HAM?

    From N1DCN... HAM = Amateur Radio Operator as defined by FCC part 97 rules. There are currently three possible licensing levels, Technician, General and Extra. As of last night, I passed the General test. Starting a couple of years ago, you do not have to learn morse code to get licensed. With the general license you have almost full access to all the frequencies which are split into 16 bands ranging from 160 meters starting at 1800 kilohertz up to 23 centimeters starting at 1240 Megahertz. The Technician ......

    Broken LCD Replaced!

    The LCD display on my Nikon L11 (simple point and shoot) broke sometime during Steve Balmers talk at the MVP summit this year. Having heard all the horror stories, i figured this camera was done for. I got a quote of ~ $150 to fix it from an online service but that is more than it is worth. So... i disassembled the camera, i figured i had nothing to lose. After a few very nasty shocks reminded me about the large capacitor used to fire the flash, i bought a 1k ohm, 1 watt resistor from Radio Shack ......

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