The LCD display on my Nikon L11 (simple point and shoot) broke sometime during Steve Balmers talk at the MVP summit this year.

Having heard all the horror stories, i figured this camera was done for. I got a quote of ~ $150 to fix it from an online service but that is more than it is worth.

So... i disassembled the camera, i figured i had nothing to lose.

After a few very nasty shocks reminded me about the large capacitor used to fire the flash, i bought a 1k ohm, 1 watt resistor from Radio Shack and via volt meter verified the two obvious terminals were in fact the place to discharge the flash at.

I got it down to the LCD and could get the part number (which i did not really need).

I called Nikon and ordered the LCD for ~ $60. Not that it was necessairly worth fixing the camera and i had already bought a new one (a smaller, more expensive S210) but now it was a personal challenge!

I could not figure out right away how to release the circuit cable attaching the LCD to the board in the camera so i WISELY and carefully wrapped all the pices and screws untl the new LCD arrived.

It came today and the release of the cable became clear to me. I replaced the LCD and spent another 1/2 or so carefully putting all the pieces back together.

I put in some batteries and it actually worked!

Then i reailizedi had left the protective plastic on the LCD but was able to get it off from the outside.

Now i have a second working camera!!