We have seven potential Code Idol's lined up to compete in the first Ft Lauderdale Code Idol. The judges will be there to harrass and judge the contestants who will be competing for valuable prizes and bragging rights for "Top Geek". Shervin Shakibi, Dave Noderer and a mystery guest will be judging! REGISTER HERE! Each contestant will have ~ 10 min. to present their content. And the contestants are:

#1 - Steve Potter
  Description: “Operation Controller”.  I would describe it as an object that handles the control logic surrounding a typical recurring operation.  Normally, this type of logic is written by hand and is prone to errors and not easy to debug.  Using an Operation Controller relieves the developer of that burden and will result in better quality software.
  Biography:. Steve is a developer with Software FX, based in Boca Raton.  During his college years at Virginia Tech, Steve got involved in web development, which ultimately led to an obsession with .NET.  After time in the applicaktion development field, one of his side projects, a grid control, resulted in Steve moving from the Garden State to the Sunshine State and just recently become a full-fledged product

#2 Tim Corbett
  Description: System tray app (template) that can bue used to quickly come up with an aplet to do certain tasks. Currently used app for customers to ftp files and / or process data from excel files. Applet will also email status and log files as well as send error reports or alerts.
  Biography: Programming for 20+ years, Working mostly on Form apps in Visual Basic. Develops small apps for systems and supports customers writing custom reports using Active Reports and Excel. Worked on various db projects.

#3 - Lou Yovin
  Description: I will show a program (still a work in progress) that uses the Volume Shadow Copy Service API's to enable copying of files that are opened exclusively by the system or another application. I will demo taking a snapshot of the System Volume and then copying some open SQL Server files (.mdf and .ldf), registry files, etc. Normally, when you try to copy these files, you get an error: "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process (32)". I will show the basic flow of creating a snapshot, exposing it as a drive letter, and releasing it.  Note that this will be kind of a "scratching the surface" look at programming the VSS, using console programs. No GUI at this time. If time permits, I can show a little about handling reparse points (SymLinks).
  Biography: Lou is an independent developer, network admin, and such. Until recently, he also traveled around the country and provided network setup and support at trade shows. In a previous life Lou worked for IBM (engineering), mostly with process control systems and left there in 1988. Lou wrote his first program in 1964 (can you say vacuum tubes?). He still maintains and develops database applications with FoxPro and writes system utility programs, mostly in C++ while moving the GUI development to C#.

#4 - Louis Datz
  Description: dashCommerce (formerly Commerce Starter Kit) is an ASP.Net open source eCommerce application.  dashCommerce is a very flexible and robust product that incorporates all three major components of an e-commerce application: Product Catalog, Shopping Cart and Order Fulfillment. With support from Microsoft, the idea of the Commerce Starter Kit came about. Since the release of version 2 several months ago, the code for the application is more organized and easier to customize. This is partly due to an open source product called Subsonic.
  Biography: Demonstrating the product is Louis Datz, a fellow member of FlaDotNet, and a programmer/consultant for the past 25 years. Up until about 2 years ago, most of the custom applications Louis developed were in FoxPro.  Today, over 90% of his work is in ASP.Net 2.0.  As of late, he has set up several shopping cart applications based on both the VB and C# versions of the Commerce Starter Kit.

#5 - Martin Anderson
  Description: XML Schemas and Powershell - Leverage Xml schemas and PowerShell to test and develop an email link for iCalendar data.
  Biography: Mr .Anderson has been a software system professional since 1984 highlighted by several high-visibility mission critical development lead experiences of the full software product lifecycle. His early career includes many years with UNIX where he was an X-Window guru. Since 1997 Mr Anderson's experience is all Windows, initially C++, and currently C# in .NET. He has done process control work, database, telephony, and speech recognition. In recent jobs he has architected and developed software systems. Currently Mr. Anderson’s a senior developer on a medium sized development team for a large Web application.

#6 - Jonas Strawski
  Description: Using SQL Server as a Document Repository - I will demonstrate how to store documents (Word, Excel, PDF, etc) on the DB and how to display them on a web form. I will also explain how to use SQL Server FullText Index to search for data within the documents.
  Biography: Jonas is a Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD) and Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) with over 5 years of experience building and architecting .NET applications and over 7 years of professional experience using Microsoft development technologies such as ASP, Visual Basic, and SQL Server. Jonas has worked in several markets such as Insurance, Real Estate, Leasing, and Medical. http://www.jstawski.com, https://mvp.support.microsoft.com/profile/Jonas.Stawski

#7 - Max Trinidad
  Description: Powershell script Window Application to create an *CSV file - This Powershell script solution has the necessary framework to display a windows form, populate combo boxes from SQL queries, and build a comma-separated file for the user. Sample will show a mix use of .NET 2.0 framework, GAC’s and Powershell CMDLET working together.
  Biography: Max Trinidad is a native of Puerto Rico and has been working with computers since 1979, before the IBM PC era. He has worked with DbaseIII/IV, Clipper, RPG, COBOL, OS/400, OCL/JCL, HTLM and the latest programming languages.  Max considers himself to be a solution developer due to his experience at building ways to move information between a variety of computer systems.  Max is currently a Senior Developer at Claire's Stores Inc. providing support for Windows 2003 Servers, SQL 2000 applications and IBM i5 series building Visual Studio 2005 solutions.