I almost skipped the Keynote as the entire west hall D at the Olrando convention center was filled. But as i was standing in teh middle hemming and hawing, i was pointed to few rows of seats, 10 rows back that had just opened so here i am!

The video was back to the future with doc showing Bob Muglia the Microsoft Bull Shti (MSBS) from past "visions".

The cumination of the intro was the back to the futre AMC driving out on stage with Doc and Bob M.

Now into the Micro-speak...

Four new areas of technolgy focus for "Dynamic IT"

1. Unified and Virtulized
2. Process-led model driven
3. Service Enable
4. User Focused

Energizer Cast Study Video..
 -They are using all the Microsoft products but of course no detail at all

Tom Bittman - VP Research - Gartner Group
 - IT and the need for Agility
- Response time expectations are shrinking, no tolerance for delay
- Relationships are online and shortlived
- Windows of oppotunity are smaller but more frequent