We are lucky to be able to get Michael here for our meeting tonight. He is speaking at the Enterprise Architect conference on Key Biscayne near Miami.

The topic is: Architecture on the Edge: Moving Beyond SOA

Michael is trying a presentation without any powerpoint slides. A sequence of pictures, videos, websites to tell the story.

New Cheap = Free

Example is www.zillow.com and of course Amazon. Money from advertising not subscriptions.

Referred book The "Timless Way of Building" by Christopher Alexander

myspace.com .. 75 million, mostly kids.

Now there is a lot of user generated content. Red vs Blue, kids made millions.

Pod casting, video.. new term “Machinama“.

Pervasive high speed connectedness and devices will change things. Using web on cell phone can use Skype to call anywhere in US for free.

Alternative to Soap and other SOA, another way is “REST“: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_State_Transfer

More and more things as connected applications plus more client capability (AJAX / ATLAS), blurs the line between client and server based apps.

Second life a new language type. Languagages get too complicated over time. vb, flash.. everyone going back to PHP(??)

EDGE Charateristics: Consumer vs Edge

P2P / Web 2.0 vs SOA/ESB, etc...

Joined by Services (http, web services, etc)

Four pillars:

Relationships - Linked In

Trust - eBay

Rich Content - Chevy Tahoe's “Apprentice“ contest. 22,000 wrote commercials, not all, very quickly progressed from text->images->audio->video

Microformats -

Collaboration - www.CompanyCommand.com - 70% of batallion commanders visited the site daily. Was just a couple of west point guys decided to put it together to share information.

Search / Discovery - Hard business. Google declining (quality search wise), tagging taking off. www.technorati.com, http://del.icio.us/, http://www.flickr.com/. as more people look, the tags get bigger.

These were the key elemets: Relationships, Trust, Content, Microsoftmats, collaboration, discovery.

Microsoft activity is: http://www.live.com/