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On Dreaming - So Don Belcham and I Walk Into a Bar…

Thursday, February 6, 2014 7:47 AM

So I’m at an Irish pub with Donald Belcham here in Winnipeg. It’s right on Portage Avenue, a few blocks from the MTS Center. It’s also amateur singer/songwriter night and there’s a stream of people ready to get on stage to perform. The mix is one part serious, another part live-karaoke…some hits and misses.

This guy gets on stage and while Don and I are talking he performs this awesome song – sort of Jack Johnson/John Mayer/Tragically Hip-ish.

At 9PM in the evening, Don tells me we should jet. First he decided to perform some poetry on stage first though, so I find the guy who sang and ask whether his music was available on a website or iTunes or something. He looked genuinely surprised that anyone would be interested. He said he thought it up on the drive up from Georgia (he had a Bulldogs sweater on). This launched into a whole discussion about my time in Atlanta this past September, going to the Falcons game, how the Thrashers moved to Winnipeg, etc. He thanked me for the kind words about his music, and then he left the bar.

And then I woke up.

Our subconscious is an amazing thing – this ability for us to create a truly virtual world for us to exist in while sleeping. People and places that we’ve never met or been to that are rendered in realism only our brain can construct; complex things that are truly a complex creation of our minds.

Like a song.

I can’t tell you what the song sounded like or the words, but there *was* a song. It had music and lyrics that made sense and was entirely concocted by my mind (assuredly taking cues from real-world experience to stitch it together, the same way visits to pubs allowed me to stitch together this imaginary bar on Portage Avenue).

Remember how I blogged about life lessons on risk? Many times we don’t risk because we limit what we can do. We, in our conscious world, live with the fears that our life experience has built within us. We relegate dreaming to our subconscious which is unhindered by those fears. In our dreams we can do anything.

But what if we could make our dreams part of our reality? Dreams can show us what we’re capable of. I’m not a musician, and yet I created a song. It’s when we realize that the only thing stopping us from achieving great things is our own implied fear – of failure, of rejection, of sucking, of difficulty – that we can move ourselves to do amazing things that we (sometimes literally) otherwise could only dream of.

We need to be a people of dreamers again. Imagine what we could accomplish…


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