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Build 2013–Keynote Thoughts

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 1:32 PM

Some thoughts on the Build 2013 keynote.

They Listened to Feedback while Keeping to their Plans

I am one of the people in the “bring back the start menu” camp. I want my start menu. I *like* my start menu. Microsoft heard that and put it back, fantastic. But they implemented it in a way that still pushes the Windows 8 UI – and I’m actually pretty happy with it.

When you hit the Start menu, you get the live-tiles displayed overlaying the desktop. But you can also swipe from the bottom to get the “all-applications” view. This, in essense, is really what those that like the Start Menu want. I believe it was mentioned that you can configure the all-applications view to be the default.

They’re Committed to Improving Windows 8

The commitment to rapid deployments Ballmer talked about is crucial to Windows 8’s success. They need to keep it evolving quickly to maintain the interest of users and developers. I think the little improvements they showed are excellent (hands-free mode, multi window docking, better multi-monitor support, new developer controls, etc.).

Hardware Vendors are Committed to Windows 8

They showed off a number of new hardware products (Windows 8 and Windows Phone). The Surface’s introduction to the market has done nothing to dissuade their hardware partners.

Bing as a Platform is Huge for Developers!!!

This was the biggest take-away from the keynote! What the team is doing with Bing not as a search engine but as a developer API is very impressive! I’m going to be diving into this over the rest of Build so watch more blog posts coming on it.

Azure, Office 365, and other topics will be covered at tomorrow’s keynote. So far, great kick off to Build. Now on to sessions!



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Did you ever write more on bing as a platform? I didn't see anything. 7/25/2013 9:11 PM | Simon

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