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WP7–Samsung Owners Should Hold Off on the Update

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 9:58 AM

Microsoft released an update for WP7 that’s meant to improve updating the devices going forward. They’ve identified a glitch though, specifically with Samsung phones. From Winrumors:

A number of Windows Phone 7 users applied the patch on Monday and some Samsung Omnia owners devices have been left in a “bricked” state. Devices simply instruct users to connect them to a PC, hard resetting the device or connecting it to a PC does not appear to solve the issue. Microsoft has also been advising users with broken devices to return them to stores for exchange.

The scary thing about this is the resolution: return the “broken” devices to stores for exchange. Many Samsung Focus owners in Canada purchased unlocked phones from the US, and supposedly that act alone voided the warranty. So applying the update has very dire implications for those who might be left with a very pretty brick.

I’m going to wait until there are successful installs of the patched update before going ahead with it on my device.


# re: WP7–Samsung Owners Should Hold Off on the Update

Somebody should try to get a semi-official answer from MS about what happens if a MS Update bricks your unlocked phone? Will they cover replacement? This is a HUGE issue! 2/23/2011 12:59 PM | Dylan Smith

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