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Windows Phone 7 Launch – Thoughts and Canadian Availability

Monday, October 11, 2010 10:26 AM


Just finished watching the Windows Phone 7 launch event that streamed live from NYC this morning. Was a great event that really set the stage for the platforms launch next month. My general thoughts are that the platform looks very promising and Microsoft is definitely leveraging lessons learned from Apple and Google’s phone offerings as well as the various platforms that they’ve developed (.NET, Silverlight, XNA, Zune, etc.).

Of course, until people actually get their hands on the devices and put them through their paces, we won’t really have an idea of whether the “delightful experience” MS is aiming for is a reality or a pipe dream. Where the iPhone and (IMO) BlackBerry have excelled is in hardware that works well, looks good, and is easy to be productive with. Microsoft’s partners need to step up to the plate and hopefully they have learned from past experience as well.

Availability in Canada

The Canadian launch was a big question for me, and I was very disheartened at first to see a Telus logo displayed prominently with other launch-date carriers. No Rogers, no Bell…just Telus. I was disheartened because the “Largest 3G network in Canada” doesn’t cover the majority of the Canadian prairies, including where I live. It also didn’t bode well when a tweet with this link came across my Twitter stream showing “Where to buy” – Telus or Bell.


Luckily we have people like Mark Goldberg to keep tabs on all the details and info happening. Rogers will definitely be at the table on launch day, and Mark’s explanation of why Telus was featured so prominently makes sense. From his blog:

We understand that Microsoft plans to work even more closely with TELUS than with Bell or Rogers. TELUS powers its Optik TV service with Microsoft’s Mediaroom set-top box and the two companies have launched innovations together, such as the announcement in August about using XBox 360 as the Optik TV PVR.

Reports (like this great write up from the Globe and Mail) show that Canada will have a handful of phones available at launch:

Phone Carrier Comments
Samsung Focus
image It looks like the slimmest of all the devices at launch in Canada.
HTC 7 Surround
image Key feature is slide-out surround sound speakers. No, really.
LG Optimus 7 
image Touts the Play-To feature.
LG Optimus 7Q
image Slide out QWERTY keyboard on this one (horizontal, so you have to change your phone’s orientation to landscape).

So the stage is set! Now its up to Microsoft and their partners to deliver on the promise of a better phone experience than what’s currently out there.


# re: Windows Phone 7 Launch – Thoughts and Canadian Availability

I still can't decide which of these phone I will get... Do you know if the HTC HD7 will be releasing in Canada? I didn't see it listed anywhere.... 10/11/2010 2:38 PM | Spencer

# re: Windows Phone 7 Launch – Thoughts and Canadian Availability

These are the only ones I've seen announced. Maybe some others will show up before they go on sale in November though. I know the Dell one wasn't announced to be in Canada at launch either.

D 10/11/2010 2:42 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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