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Thoughts on Hope

Saturday, July 11, 2009 7:16 PM

A million tears
A million codes
No way to go
You point your finger
To the moon
It looks like rain
Coming soon
I figured all
My worst fears
Believe in
childlike heroes
But I don't want to go
That way
Surrender hope
I don't want to go
that way
Surrender hope
And faith

Golden State,
All Roads Lead to Home
Hope is not natural. Hope is something that we as a species have developed to protect us emotionally from the realities of our existence…from that which we cannot control or stop.

Hope gets tossed around and used for such a wide range of situations: I hope my team wins the game tonight, I hope I do well on my exam, I hope i don’t get fired from my job, I hope that lump isn’t cancer. Sometimes we try and associate hope with something tangible: team, doctor, God, loved one, etc. But other times, we give hope its own manifestation…its own embodiment as simply that which we look to for reassurance or comfort.

For many hope is casual, unimportant…its invoked for trivial or meaningless things. In other situations, like those my buddy George documented on his blog, it gives us a stability in times of uncertainty, of chaos, of disaster.

Hope has burned me in the past…or maybe, more what I placed the banner of hope on. Once bitten, twice shy is a reality of being human; its what helps keep us from flinging ourselves into harms way. And yet we have the wherewithal to realize that without risk there is no reward, without sacrifice there can be no victory, and without wager there is no chance of payoff.

And so against my better judgement I invite hope into my life again…cautious of how he acts, wary of the potential for him to disappoint, but also realizing that hope is that illogical, irrational, unproven thing that allows us to rise above the statistics, the logic, and the reality of our situations.

Given a choice of struggling through fear, worry, and frustration or basking in the warmth of hope, my mind tells me to choose the former…prepare for the worst case. But another part of me is tired of that…maybe its only in fairy tales, but its nice to think happily ever after happens every once in a while in real life.

So…I hope.



# re: Thoughts on Hope

Yes, Hope might be below the line as described in my est experience; however you are right, it isn't reality; however it helps in reality the place where we live. I feel to have optimism in our lives seems to create a better life all around. As we believe our lives to be, we seem to create it that way. So our hope or belief seems to materialize in our life. My first blog that I ever set up is thoughtsfromhope.blogspot.com. Come and visit me. 12/2/2009 3:32 PM | Hope Bruckner

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