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Hangin' With The VB.NETers

Wednesday, April 16, 2008 6:46 PM

VB.NET peeps had a kewl thing to end their summit track: they let some of the MVP's do short presentations.

Cory Smith

Showing how to integrate Glass into your win-form applications...kewl tip!

Chris Williams

Chris is showing us that you can actually use Visual Basic with XNA. He's getting mad applause. OMG, Rob Windsor *just* threw a pair of underwear at Chris! He is a *rockstar*!

Steele Price

Very kewl demo...might be NDA (?) Not sure...

Some guy from Europe

Um...yeah I have no idea...OH...DasBlog?

Kathleen Dollard

Gave a demo on some code generation stuff she's been looking at.

Rod Paddock

Showing off a sweet business application written in VB.NET and using Ajax and other stuff...very kewl.

One more guy...but I gotta hit the can. Good job VB.NETers!



# re: Hangin' With The VB.NETers

D'Arcy, I'm really glad that you are reporting your experiences here for all us who could not attend.

I think it's great to allow us to catch a glimpse of the event so we can also experience the activities in a small way.

It looks like you're all having a fantastic time!

4/17/2008 11:52 AM | Shaneo

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