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Stories from the Ask the Experts Booth...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008 11:44 AM

Part of the Winnipeg VS.NET 2008 launch event is manning the Ask the Experts booth where we help people with some of their technology questions. I've had two interactions so far:

The Mobile Guy

Met someone who was looking for information about developing against Windows Mobile 7, specifically doing more lower-level stuff. Luckily I have a buddy who worked on a project doing lower level stuff, so hopefully I can get them connected. If anyone else has done anything along the lines of dealing with Windows Mobile and ports, lower level networking protocols, and interfacing with the communication hardware, please let me know so I can pass you on to the guy as well!

A Lesson on Shadowcopy

Had a gentleman come up asking why his HTTPModule he deploys to the GAC never actually updates in production. He's tried removing the old one, restarting IIS...no luck. The only thing I can think of is that its an issue with ASP.NET and shadow copy. One thing he's doing is keeping the version number the same, so there's no varying versions sitting in the GAC. Now, you'd think that shadow copy would realize that there was still a change to the HTTPModule and it would get the newer version...but based on what he's telling us, that isn't the case. So maybe its not detecting a change and just keeping the copied one in use? Any other thoughts?

Jason Miller - My Nominee for Powerpoint MVP

I've just sat next to Jason Miller for the last little bit and he's been WOWING me with his Powerpoint mad skillz! He is honestly a master at the table creation and should be rewarded for it! JASON MILLER FOR POWERPOINT MVP! ;)


PS: If the Nanaimo square takes longer to unwrap than to eat, its a sign that you SHOULDN'T EAT THE NANAIMO BAR!


# re: Stories from the Ask the Experts Booth...

D'Arcy, you should have been watching while Roy was showing me how to remove all the animations in that slide deck! I'm going to have to pass your PPT nomination over to him, as he's far more deserving of that title than I.

You're probably right about that dessert bar that was in the lunch box. Just don't make me remind you about that whole hot wing episode at Earl's, okay? My vision is just starting to return to normal a day later... ;) 3/27/2008 8:54 PM | Jason Miller

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