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Another PwP Drinking Game Idea...

Thursday, March 13, 2008 1:42 PM

So to follow up with the amazing idea of getting random people to spell Palermo's last name and forcing them to drink luke-warm tequila out of Donald Belcham's ear if they spell it wrong, comes another *fantastic* idea:

Can you beat the Mad Mexican at SF4?!

It turns out that Capcom has *finally* realized what it needed to bolster the Street Fighter brand back to top-tier status: include a Luchadore character! (We'll forget the fact that they filled his backstory with stupid stuff like he's a gourmet cook in his spare time).

So we setup a 360, and if you can beat the MM, he'll take a shot...and if not, then you have to drink luke-warm tequila from Donald Belcham's ear.

Brilliant, yes?



# re: Another PwP Drinking Game Idea...

I will destroy you at SF4 like an object that implements IDisposable getting garbage collected after control of a using block terminates. I even have an xbox360 on a 52" LCD TV at home if it's necessary. 3/14/2008 5:28 PM | Jeff Tucker

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