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Do you care?

Saturday, March 8, 2008 8:49 PM

Do you care about your developer community? No really...be honest with yourself: do you care about your local developer community?

Do you care that developers are being nurtured and encouraged in becoming better and adopting best practices?

Do you consciously think about the rates of university and college grads entering the workforce and how to help them begin their career?

Are you active in your organization for pushing policies and processes that help ensure that the IT department can meet the needs and goals of the rest of the organization?

Do you look to utilize your skills and talents for local businesses and organizations, or is the only motivating factor the number of digits left of the decimal?

Do you care...do you care what happens, or are you comfortable with the status quo and coasting along, changing only when forced to?


I hope I'm wrong. I hope that the fears that I have are entirely unfounded, and that I'm jumping to conclusions that are simply the worst case scenario based on bits of information. I hope that my friends are going to be fine...that even if changes occur they will be minor and small in impact. Unfortunately the sick feeling in my stomach tells me that I'm not wrong...but I'm still hopeful that for once I won't be let down by what I thought was what I enamored to become.


Do you care?


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Why do these last two posts make me fear for what triggered them?

Building a local community is hard, and getting people to contribute to that community seems to be even harder. People suffer from a fear of speaking, even to a small group of peers. Too many people feel, "I have nothing to contribute."

Interactive events, like Q&A do help -- I remember many meetings of the Winnipeg PC User Group where people who wouldn't think of presenting provided amazing answers to questions from the crowd. Perhaps it also let many know that could contribute, and help others; rather than just sit in a seat, eating pizza and listening to an "expert" who flew in that day, and who would fly out the next.

Hopefully whatever triggered these two posts will right itself... 3/9/2008 2:17 PM | Kent Sharkey

# re: Do you care?


I would say the last year or two of observing our industry and our national developer community would have triggered them, if I could venture a guess. 3/9/2008 8:53 PM | Justice~!

# re: Do you care?

There is a national developer community?

I don't think I've ever seen that. Well, perhaps DevTeach, but I've not been to one yet. It's hard to get developers to help one another locally, let alone to identify with other Canadian (or broader) developers.

Which I guess means you're right... /sadness 3/9/2008 11:22 PM | Kent Sharkey

# re: Do you care?

Establishing a thriving local community can be difficult; so can getting people to contribute. It's definately worth it on so many different levels, so don't get too downtrodden. The problem with community is that you have to take the good and the bad; just be able to distinguish between them and don't let the bad get you down. 3/10/2008 1:47 PM | Scott

# re: Do you care?

Hey guys,

Thanks for the comments. The *event* that inspired this post came and went, and I was gearing up for more of a worst-case scnario, but that wasn't the case...although just because they blew up the Death Star in Episode 4, you knew they were going to have another one in the works by Episode 6.

D 3/10/2008 2:52 PM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Do you care?

Do you consciously think about the rates of university and college grads entering the workforce and how to help them begin their career? THIS IS SO TRUE...Though I'm scared for my son. 3/19/2008 8:27 AM | kyt.blog

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