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So Far So Good...But Still No MSN

Monday, March 3, 2008 9:50 AM

So continuing on the storyline from this post, my 595U is now working really well for me and I'm very happy with it! I'm glad that I won't have to worry about paying those annoying 10$ fees in airports for an hour of time when I only need 5 or 10. It does need a pretty good signal to function properly, but I think my issue at home was just service coverage in my area (C'mon Telus, let's get some more towers in west-Winnipeg!).

I did have to change my data plan the *next day* however. I took an 8 MB plan because as I figured I'd just use email and what's the harm?

Within a few hours on my first day I had hit 9 MB of traffic.

So now I'm at the unlimited amount, which I think will work out alot better...I won't be worrying about how many MB I've used and I can treat it like its a regular internet connection.

But...MSN is STILL acting up! Very frustrating...I posted on the Sprint Buzz About Wireless forums but no luck so far.


# re: So Far So Good...But Still No MSN

How much are the different plans? As usual the Telus website is completely useless for finding out anything other than marketing and PR. Gonna start swearing soon! 3/3/2008 1:39 PM | Nolan

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