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Twin Cities Code Camp - Arrived Safe and Sound

Friday, October 26, 2007 4:48 PM

I made the trek to Minneapolis (Maple Grove to be exact) safe and sound. The flight from Winnipeg to Denver was fairly uneventful...although I thought that Denver was right in the mountains...apparently its more like Calgary, where its on the outskirts and you can see the mountains in the distance.

The flight from Denver to Minnie flew by...one of those things where I closed my eyes, opened them, and it was an hour later and we were getting ready for our descent.

Minneapolis Airport is awesome...lots of stores in the concourse, and direct train access to Mall of America.

Lou and Bill were flying in later than I was, so I mulled around the mall for a while...got my Eagles jersey so that I can properly jeer on the home team (screw you Vikings...I'm still bitter from you beating my Falcons in week 1)...good times.

We finally found our ways back to Chris' place where we're here now tweaking our code camp presentations, looking at Michael's amazing robot (seriously, this thing is awesome...AND it runs XP Pro!), playing some Guitar Hero 2, and downing sugar-free Red Bull (well, me at least for the last part).

Watch for a synopsis of the code camp tomorrow.



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