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Monday, May 28, 2007 2:55 PM
Ugh...it was a tough one tonight...

5 min warmup
10 1:1 (lvl 1 @ 140 RPM, lvl 20 @ 50 RPM...those were my goals anyway, and as long as I hit that for 75% of the minute I was happy)
10 min lvl 10 @ 100 RPM
5 min cooldown

30 x side raises @ 30lbs/hand
30 x front raise @ 30lbs/hand
30 x shrugs @ 35lbs/hand
40 x leg press @ 230 lbs
30 x hamstrings @ 195 lbs
30 x row @ 50lbs/side
40 x this exercise where you sit with legs straight and straighten your feet which works the hamstring muscle (?) @ 210lbs
Did some bicep curls too, but they were kind of all over the place.

Working out in the evening is waaay different than in the morning. Tonnes of college/high school age kids that are in crazy shape clogging up the weight floor. It was a little intimmidating.



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