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Weekend Geekathon

Friday, May 25, 2007 5:19 AM

So back in April I posted about how I'm becoming a better developer in 6 months. This weekend my wife is heading to North Dakota for the weekend with her sister, so I'm going to take advantage of having the house to myself to focus on knocking off some of my goals.


My website will be live by the end of the weekend...and with content! No, I'm not moving my blog...its staying here at GWB. But I will have my site be a source for videos, podcasts, and articles...almost more like a repository of stuff.


I'm going to be knocking off Head-First Design Patterns, The No-Asshole Rule, and one other one (yet to be determined)


My site will be pretty pointless unless there's some stuff up there, so I'll be working on some videos this weekend to post, including how to create a Sharepoint Web Part and deploy it.

I think that will be enough to handle for this weekend. So expect alot of blog pings over the next couple of days on the feed.



# re: Weekend Geekathon

HFDP is a great book. Very good book to learn from. 5/25/2007 6:02 AM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Weekend Geekathon

Yeah, who would have thought something good could come from the Java world?

D 5/25/2007 6:06 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Weekend Geekathon

>>Yeah, who would have thought something good could come from the Java world?

- hehehe. that's funny. I'm on my 8 book now since April but all of the books that I have been readin were mostly non-technical. I'll blog about the books I have been reading tonight. 5/25/2007 8:50 AM | Keith Rull

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What is the website address for this mega-site with your podcasts, etc?
Scott 5/29/2007 4:35 AM | Scott Miller

# re: Weekend Geekathon

Ha!...y'know that old saying about how "the best laid plans something something"?

So Friday night I was wasted...not "got wasted", just wasted...tired...hit the hay early. Saturday I ran errands, was getting ready to settle down for an evening of site creation and book reading, when a friend who was having their baby dedicated at church on Sunday called having some issues with getting sound into PowerPoint. This led to a total "if thigns can go wrong, they will" scenario where the computer that had the Powerpoint and the pictures on it wouldn't boot (I think something in Windows went corrupt maybe...would keep rebooting after hitting the Windows logo screen).

So I went over, got the hard disk, brought it back, did a virus scan, got the files off, tried to boot with the drive, etc.

So anyway, that was Saturday night...no coding done (and I'm not complaining btw...I was happy to help them out! :)).

Sunday we had our potential new youth pastor by, so I was at church for 9 for the youth service, then I was covering for my wife's children's church class while she was in North Dakota shopping with her sister. We took the candidate out for lunch after, got home around 3.

So basically...all my best laid plans went to waste and I didn't get ANYTHIGN I wanted done...still did lots of stuff, but I might need to take babysteps until holidays come by in a few weeks and I can really dive in to creating the content.

D 5/29/2007 4:41 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Weekend Geekathon

I am happy it isn't just me!

I have lost count of the times my site redevelopment was going to be completed by Monday only for life to interfere!

I think most of my dissapointment comes from setting my self unrealistic targets. 4/19/2010 4:32 AM | Luke Price

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