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More fun with Sharepoint 2007. This Episode: Sharepoint Designer - Adding ASPX File Over-writes Default.aspx?!

Friday, May 18, 2007 5:27 AM

I'm trying to add an ASPX page to a Sharepoint 2007 site using Sharepoint Designer.

When I do so, it defaults to adding it as "default.aspx" (I don't have a default.aspx page in my structure).

But I obviously don't want it to be default.aspx...I want it to be Test.aspx. However...when I rename it, it says to me "do you really want to rename your default.aspx page to test.aspx?". Um...I didn't want this to BE my default .aspx in the first place...kinda silly...must be a "feature"...so I just click 'Yes' and go on.

Now my site is hooped.


Edit 1
I found this article on the Microsoft Office site and gives a different way to add an ASPX file to a site...would have avoided my issues above.


Edit 2
It turns out that the issue wasn't with the page but in the settings in my web.config that I used from the article I talked about in my last post. I was putting the file in the wrong place anyway (pages should go into Pages folder, not the root). I'm going to attempt again...more to come...



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