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Go Go GoDaddy!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 6:29 AM

So my church's domain name expired the other day. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal...you just renew and have it re-activated.

But let's backup a bit and look at some backstory...

The domain was registered with Registerfly. Registerfly has had some pretty disturbing press as of late, which you can catch up on at Bob Parson's blog here and here (Bob is the CEO of GoDaddy).

Regardless, my domain was expired and I needed it up FAST...not so much for any web presence, but because the emails of people at the church were disrupted.

I went to Registerfly's site and re-activated the expired domain and figured that it would take a few hours to a day to fix.

I checked a while later...hmm...the domain was still listed as expired. I contacted Registerfly via online support and they asked for a record of my receipt...which is funny because there was nothing in the receipt to identify against...no receipt number, no unique identifier...nothing! But they "claimed" to have refunded my money and then (here's the kicker) asked me to re-activate it in "a few days". WTF?! Re-activate it in a few days?! Why? Why can't it just be re-activated now and why did I need to be refunded when I had already paid?!

I'm now in the process of transferring over my domain to GoDaddy, who is offering a discount for those that are leaving Registerfly for them.

Steer clear of Registerfly for your domain registrations...there's something still quite weird about that place...



# re: Go Go GoDaddy!

I've been using GoDaddy for a few years and they have been great. I recently changed my hosting to them too. I've been very very happy with them. PLUS!!! - they offer asp.net 2.0 with their hosting package :)
5/9/2007 1:05 PM | John Workman

# re: Go Go GoDaddy!

I've been with GoDaddy for 3 months now with Economy hosting package, and a simple domain name for a simple purpose.

I have to say, that you'll be much better off with GoDaddy. In terms of domain names, they can be trusted. Their lowest priced Hosting Package meets and beats most companies high priced ones.

Hope you're happy with it ;) 7/6/2007 4:42 PM | Corey Ritchie

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