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Heroes Anyone?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007 4:42 AM

Did anyone watch Heroes last night?

My PVR isn't smart enough to know when the show goes over the hour, so I missed whatever happened after future Hiro gets killed, and Wolverine and Magne...I mean Peter and Sylar are about to face off.

Anyone able to fill me in on what I missed?



# re: Heroes Anyone?

OMG - you missed the best part. Go to iTunes and download it and watch it again.
Suresh has a manuscript of Isaac's 9th Wonders comic with future Hiro. Suresh injects the haitian with the mutant stuff. Hiro finds out that he is supposed to kill Sylar in the past and he and Ando warp out just in time. 5/1/2007 10:20 AM | Scott Miller

# re: Heroes Anyone?

iTunes? LOL, unless it's free, BT is the way to go. 5/1/2007 10:51 AM | willyd

# re: Heroes Anyone?

hrmph... http://www.eztvefnet.org/ .. hrmph.. 5/1/2007 10:55 AM | Cam

# re: Heroes Anyone?

Ah ok...it stopped recording right before they warped out I guess (so i didn't miss as much as I thought then...). Thanks for the update Scott! :D

D 5/1/2007 11:24 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

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