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Code Camp Comes To An End...

Saturday, April 28, 2007 5:57 PM

The Calgary Code Camp has come to an end, and it was a great success! Kudos to James and his team for putting together a fantastic developer event! Some highlights:

I performed my first code-camp presentation (on ASP.NET and solution architecture) and I think it went pretty well. Can't wait for another opportunity to speak at an event like this.

I sat through JP's talk on Monorail which was excellent, Steven's talk on Castle, and Donald's discussion on Continuous Integration practices...all excellent!

Met some great new people (Bill, Bruce, David, Tom, Terry) and as is always the case, some new ideas came up over beverages:

- I may be putting together a workout program video based on my successful chicken-wing diet.

- David Woods may be doing a new site focussing on the excretory processes of Deer, which will allow him to branch out of the goat market he's already controlling.

- We wait with anticipation to see which other .NET old-timer Justice will piss off next ;)

Also, thanks to Mrs. L for allowing us to have some of her chocolate loaf.

All in all, a great weekend...but I'm dead tired...and I have an early morning ahead of me...joy.


PS: There are links to add to this post...I just can't find the energy to do them right now :P


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