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Calgary Code Camp - After Lunch

Saturday, April 28, 2007 7:19 AM

Just about to start into JP Boodhoo's presentation on Monorail, which I'm actually very intrigued ot hear about.

My session went really well, I'm pretty happy about it. I messed up on having too many folders with trial projects around...stalld the presentation for a bit...but I was able to get past it and we had some great discussion. Thanks to everyone that came out to my session!

I brought up the use of CSS generated controls, and someone in the audience brought up how IIS 6 has an option (apparantly on by default) that will compress the HTML before its sent down the pipe, which decreases the burden on the wire...very kewl, and I'll have to look into it to get the full scoop.

This code camp is going very well...great presenters (JP is off and running...fantastic presentation!), great presentations, and the venue is really great!

Good times...



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