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Theme for Spring/Summer: 100% Fun

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 8:52 AM

Spring is here...the snow is melting, rain showers have started, and everyone is starting to jump on my winter fashion trend of short-sleeve shirts (they're a season behind, but whatever).

This winter has been rough...just seems that there's been alot of crap going on, alot of deep serious contemplation, alot of growth personally...but it feels like I'm climbing a mountain and starting to take looks back at the valley that I just walked through.

So I'm starting a new theme for life in Spring/Summer 2007: 100% Fun! At work we're starting on a couple of projects that will put almost all of our team working together for the first time in I can't even remember (you know how it is with a consulting company: this person goes here, that person goes there, you see each other at staff meetings and talk via email and messenger, etc.). I'm really pumped as we have a group that likes working with each other, but just rarely gets to do it...so this will be really good for us to have some face time.

In non-work life...well, does that exist?! LOL...I guess it does...just been really busy the last little bit. I have holidays coming up in June, and with my improved physical health I'm really looking forward to getting outside this year and being active.

So life isn't perfect, but its looking up...90% of it is your own attitude right?



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