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Funny what a burger and beer will do to your memory...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007 10:24 PM

We had a great .NET UG event tonight. I spoke on ASP.NET, mainly around design patterns, architecture, and platform selection.

But the end of the presentation was to be a demo of ORCAS and the new ASP.NET features. I have my ORCAS VPC on an external hard drive that isn't made for Vista...or isn't made for Toshiba laptops running Vista...anyhoo, I finally got  it to recognize my drive's partitions and load up the VPC, which I then minimized for the duration of my presentation.

So the end comes, and it's time to review ORCAS. I bring up my VPC...oh...its locked. No problem, the VPC's come with a username and password. I'll just enter it...hmmm...password wrong? Let me try it again...still nothing...what the...??!! So after a few minutes of this, I white-boarded out the features in ORCAS (I'll be doing a webcast on it in the near future).

So afterwards we went to the Kings Head pub for some typical post-UG event discussion. Towards the end we were talking up the event, when the ORCAS thing came up. As I was talking it through, the Heineken in my system kick-started some nurons in my brain, and I had a vision...

It was me...I had just downloaded my VPC and started it up. I logged in...and I was...no...NO...I WAS PROMPTED TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD! So there you have it: I sabataged my own presentation.

Ah well. I'm tired.



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