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NIN DVD - 5 Stars

Sunday, March 18, 2007 10:30 AM

If you went to the NIN tour in 2006 (heck, even if you didn't and you're a fan), you NEED to pick up the recently released DVD of the concert. Not only is it a steal at $13.00 Cdn (Best Buy), but it captures the concert experience amazingly! It even includes some footage of the Summer tour that used a different set (equally as kewl, but different).

It includes some rehearsal performances...I'd love to know what sort of fitness plan Trent underwent. They have one rehearsal where he has the emo-hair going on and looks a bit on the pudgy side. Then you see him in the concert shaved and all buffed up.

Some bands you see live, and think "yeah, that was ok...the produced songs on the album are better." Not in this case. All the songs sound way better live...a tribute to the talent and showmanship these guys have after almost 20 years of experience.

So run out there and get it piggies.



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