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What's with the i'm thing on MSN?!

Monday, March 5, 2007 12:13 PM

For those askign that question, check out:


It's an initiative from Microsoft to help sponsor some charity orgs. Please check it out and join in!



# re: What's with the i'm thing on MSN?!

Is this really a good idea with the Messenger API out there?

What's to stop me from writing a plugin that every 2 seconds sends an IM to each friend using a i'm {adjective}, and then auto closing it? And to top it off, I could write a plugin for all my friends that would intercept and close all IM's that start with i'm. Effectively creating a mini network that sends out over 40k i'm per person per friend per day. That could start to cost microsoft a LOT of money since there is no cap. Especially if I get 10 friends in on it... I would be sending 400k i'm per day. Ouch.

I hope Microsoft has some basic rules, like there has to be atleast one response, and the window needs to be open a certain time, or it could be easily abused. 3/6/2007 9:34 AM | thorkia

# re: What's with the i'm thing on MSN?!

hello everyone how is everyone doing tonight 3/28/2007 9:33 PM | Bobbie

# re: What's with the i'm thing on MSN?!

this is really kewl 3/28/2007 9:34 PM | Bobbie

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