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Mac Menus - Getting Tabbed Browsing in Safari

Saturday, September 30, 2006 7:30 AM

So I wanted to get Safari's tabbed browsing working, but all the articles I read said to just "go to Preferences in the Safari menu". What menu?! There's no menu at the top of the Safari window. I thought maybe I had to right-click somewhere on the screen to bring it up, but no. Maybe it was one of those freaky Mac keyboard shortcuts, like Control+Option+Tab+O+K. Then I looked up.

In the Mac world, there is only one menu...the uber-menu, and its always at the top of the screen - seperate from the active window itself. Whenever you switch to a different active window, that applications menu items magically appear in that top menu. It's brilliant! It totally keeps the interface clean and maximizes the real estate on the screen for the active window. Very kewl.

So now I have tabbed browsing goodness in Safari...good times.



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