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Smallest XP Computer?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 6:30 AM

Very kewl looking product on the OQO website. I don't know that its a true mobile replacement though...if it support telephony, then damn straight it would be on my list. But it doesn't...its not the same as a smart phone. It has wi-fi and bluetooth, but without a phone component its just a very small computer with a small keyboard, tablet pc os, and no mouse. I'm sure there are definately places where this would be useful though...show-floors where salespeople need to have access to information on a portable device with more real-estate than a PPC but without hte weight of a full tablet. Diagnostic applications, where this pc could be used by maintenance personel (the auto-insurance company here in Manitoba uses Embedded CE devices to do their estimating...why not power up to a full-fledged OS?)

There are tonnes of business applications, and I hope OQO really pushes those with their device. As a consumer product...well, has anyone other than my buddy Rob Zelt bought an ultra mobile pc (he seems to really like it though...)?



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