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I hate dreaming that I'm living

Wednesday, September 27, 2006 5:42 AM

So over the past couple of weeks I've been averaging about 5 hours of sleep a night...just busy with life I guess.

So last night I crashed...was in bed by 8:30, slept right until 7ish this morning. But I still feel a bit tired...I think its because in my dream, I was pretty much living through a full day...yes, its another edition of

What D'Arcy Dreamed Last Night

There are three main pieces that I rememeber. The first piece involved my bike. Now, in reality I screwed up my new bike's handlebars recently. In my dream, I'm biking home when my front wheel seemingly bends in half. I stop and part of the fork that normally holds the wheel is broken off. A friend just happens to be driving by, and drops me and my bike off at bike shop where I bought it. This bike shop now apparantly is selling bikes, outdoor supplies, paintball guns, and fixes computers.

So I decide that instead of taking the bike that I already have (which, in some other part of my dream that either didn't happen or I cna't remember, has something broken with the pedal as well), I just want them to give me credit for what I paid and I'll buy a better bike instead. I never do pick out a bike though...sigh...

Then later I'm in the Toronto airport waiting to board my flight back to Winnipeg. Apparantly the only way to get back to Winnipeg from Toronto is to fly first to Vancouver and then back...mmhmmm. There was also talk in my dream of it being an Air-Mexico flight, but it had Air-Canada on the side of the plane..so no clue what my brain was thinking. So we're delayed because some airline steward didn't have his uniform (they were all Mexican btw...maybe it was Air-Mexico?). This plane had no seperate compartment for the cockpit..it was like a Greyhound bus, where you can sit in the row just behind the driver and see everything. And there was one pilot...and he was old...and really scary in that "I'm too old to be driving anything" sort of way. We take off in the most "OMG, we're going to die" type of way...straight up, under a bridge-type thing...and then to the sky. Then, for whatever reason, we're following a major highway only a few hundred feet above it...nice. There was wireless on the plane, but I couldn't get a connection.

So what does it all mean? It means that I really didn't get a great sleep because I was living way too detailed in my dreams.

I think the bike part is about my iMac situation, where if the part didn't ship last night I might just call them and say "look, your 20" are obviously POS. Give me a 24", I'll pay the difference". I have no idea what the flight part is about though.

I should have known that it was a dream though...at one point I did check my RSS feeds in Onfolio, and Trisha had posted 3 blog posts in the span of a day...like THAT'S reality. ;)



# re: I hate dreaming that I'm living

Are you *SURE* you want a mac? Look what it's doing to your life!

Come back to the safety and comfort of Windows, crawl back under that warm, soft, fuzzy blanket and rest peaceful while ol'Bill sings you a lullaby.

I mean Macs are for "artists" and they have some pretty messed up heads. These dreams are just the start Mr. D'Arcy, come back before it's too late :P

9/27/2006 8:28 AM | George

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