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Cider Providing Mac Portability for Windows Games

Saturday, September 23, 2006 6:46 PM

TransGaming Inc. is creating a product called Cider that will allow game developers to wrap their Windows-based code in a portability-engine and have them run on an Intel Mac. Very kewl. This means that instead of having two seperate code bases to maintain (one Mac, one Windows), developers and publishers will only need one! Which is great for end users too. I like Parallels, but it won't run games. Boot Camp scares the crap out of me (review my recent blog posts if you don't know why), so this could be a great alternative for gamers. Of course, it doesn't help any games already bought for Windows now...but still good to see this type of tech coming down the pipe.

And check out the pic of the founder...he's got a phat hat going on.



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