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Things not to do when saratonin levels are weird...

Thursday, September 14, 2006 7:04 AM

Don't listen to Mathew Good...well at least the pre-White Light Rock and Roll Review (that one's more angry than depressing..Avalanche will seriously f**k you up though).

Don't take your car into the shop for anything more than an oil change, otherwise you'll be wondering why you don't just buy a new vehicle since you're putting enough money to cover three months worth of payments down to replace a water pump, and you're told that there's another piece that will cost $1200 to replace in the near future.

Don't read the morning headlines...f*king assclown...mad at the world, take it out on yourself; not on innocent people.

DON'T step on the scale at home.

Don't dwell on the face that your chosen technology of web development is quickly being replaced by high level platforms like Sharepoint, DNN, and CS.

Don't do any serious thinking about your faith...if you have to do serious thinking to begin with, you need to be level-headed to deal with the pandoras box thinking about such things opens.

Don't keep checking your email to see if a certain company has shipped the product you ordered yet, becuase they probably haven't (1 - 3 days to ship...BS!).



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