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Bad Restaurant Experience

Saturday, September 9, 2006 12:53 PM

I love the restaurant business. I've always said that if I could work 9-5 for the same money as IT, I'd do it as a career; but that's not the reality of the business. Working with some national chains though, I have a pretty high standard when it comes to restaurant cleanliness. It irks me to see the McKid filling my cup with ice by scooping the cup through the ice bin (which will scrape some of the wax off the top of the cup into the ice, destined for someone else's drink) or the waitress who runs her hand through her hair or scratches her nose and then proceeds to serve food without washing her hands.

So all this preamble brings us to this mornings breakfast. We decided to try the new Country Market Buffet that opened just outside the city. We were seated and ordered coffees and breakfast. The waitress brought our coffees and my wife added some cream and started stirring. Up from the murkey depths floated a dead fly. I thought "wow, not a good start" as I began to stir my coffee...and up from the murkey depths floated a dead fly. Two dead flies in two coffees to the same table. Wow.

We're pretty laid back, and we like to give places benefit of the doubt, so we decided to stay, get new coffees (although I couldn't really drink mine afterwards) and order food. The food was edible, but not great. But what happened next cemented that we won't be going back.

We went to the counter to pay and I asked that the coffees be taken off the bill, and explained that there were flies in them. The counter staff were very apologetic, and called a manager to adjust the bill. The manager comes over, is told what happened, and says to me "Did you tell your server? None of the servers said anything about it." She then took the coffees off and that was it. No apology or anything.

Employees acting unprofessional is one thing, but when a MANAGER doesn't even apologize AND questions the customer in a way that suggests they're lying, that's unexcusable. Apparantly they make enough money off of truckers and local customers that they can afford to lose customers, which is good because we won't be going back.



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"I could work 9-5 for the same money as IT, I'd do it as a career" I am in IT business and worked in restaurant business with 100 point mystery customer ranking.. Restaurant business is really hard.... I am in IT business now..
6/2/2008 5:54 PM | Tracy@Miami

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i had a really bad experience once and i was eating my soup and i found a fly in it it was fucknig discusting 10/22/2009 9:17 AM | mary

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Well I must say after reading this article that in my own opinion the manager said no wrong.its only right&proper if such a thing as flies on drinks. Or food is detected that u bring it to the notice of d waitress immediately.it may be assumed you lied after u report whilst paying. 6/17/2012 8:35 AM | damilola

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