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Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

Wednesday, September 6, 2006 2:37 AM

Over the past couple of months, my buddies and I have gotten back into the habit of getting together for a guys night, eating large amounts of M&M chicken wings, drinking enough soda to put us all into diabetic comas, and watching WWE (WWF) pay per views. Upcoming on the 17th is WWE Unforgiven. They have an updated match list, but I gotta say it doesn't grab me by the neck and say "You HAVE to watch this!"

Kane vs Umaga: Who cares, they're both big and this won't be a high-flying match. Kane takes it.

Carlito vs Randy Orton: Again, who cares. Orton should win.

Trish vs Lita (Woman's Championship): Trish is leaving the company to focus on her new/upcoming marriage, so she'll not only lose, but will probably suffer some career ending injury or something.

Spirit Squad vs Highlanders: This will be the midway pee-break match. Who cares who wins.

Johnny Nitro vs Jeff Hardy: Runner up to match of the night for sure, this should be a great match! I really like Jeff Hardy, and hopefully he doesn't have too much ring rust.

Hell in a Cell - McMahons and Big Slow vs DX - Part 2324234234234234234234324234324
Seriously, this angle is soooo played out. But should offer the comic relief of the night.

TLC - Edge vs John Cena: Match of the night for sure, and the main reason you should invite enough friends over so you only need to pay 5$ for the PPC after splitting. I have a feeling that Cena is heading to Smackdown (stipulation if he loses) as Edge is a great heel (bad guy) champion and it would really suck if he lost the belt so quickly after getting it. WWE has been bad for that in the past, and it really cheapens he champion's run.

So yeah, not the best PPV ever, but getting together with the guys is the fun party anyway.



# re: Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

Trish is getting married?!?!


My life...my life...

where did you hear this?

Two possibilities for what happens: either Cena wins and is programmed against Umaga next, or Edge wins and is programmed against Carlito and/or DX.
9/6/2006 8:08 AM | Justice~!

# re: Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

ok yeah its been a while but wha???

WTF is Umaga?

Trish? Married? Leaving WWE?

Spirit Squad? Highlanders?

DX is back together? Is this the "real" (BG, RD, HHH, Xpac & Chyna) DX or just HHH and HBK?

A TLC match without the Hardys? Is there still a "Hardys"? I always liked Edge. Is Christian still around?

9/6/2006 6:53 PM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

Oh man...you've been out of the loop for a while now eh? ;)

Umaga is (I *think*) one half of hte tag team that used to be Rosey and Jamal...but not certain. He's not really all that forboding, although they play it up that way.

Trish is getting married to her longtime boyfriend, and will be leaving WWE.

Spirit Squad is a prep-school gimicked group that operates under the McMahons. Highlanders are like the Scottish version of the Bushwackers. Neither team is all that memorable right now.

DX is only comprised of HHH and Sean Michaels, since the other four have all parted with WWE at some point over the years.

Jeff left WWE, Matt stayed as a singles wrestler, and recently Jeff Hardy returned to WWE...but they're going to stay singles wrestlers. Christian is out...I think he's with TNA now. Edge is hte current WWE champion and is also dating (in the script and in real life) Lita. Lita had an affair with Edge while she was still with Matt Hardy, which added some real-life fuel to the fake-WWE fire.

D 9/7/2006 4:19 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Unforgiven looking Uninteresting

ok, I remember Rosey and Jamal.

I bet Trish will be back in < 2 years. (Still married or otherwise.)

I liked the Bushwackers. :)

DX, yeah I knew the others had left, just didnt know if they brought them back. Last time I saw Chyna, she looked like an actual woman (and was getting her ass kicked in a celebrity boxing type show) and the last time I saw Road Dogg he was seriously overweight (and looked like hell)

Didn't know Jeff left, I liked him better than Matt. I used to like Lita, but I'd heard she's pretty much a total heel these days. Apparently in real life as well as in WWE. I assume (since he's with Lita) that Edge is a Heel champ?


9/8/2006 4:42 AM | Blogus Maximus

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