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My Voice of Reason Hates Me

Friday, June 30, 2006 5:00 PM

Below is a conversation I had internally with my voice of reason this afternoon between 4:30 and 5:30.

Wow...I'm finally getting my Nintendo DS system! I hope EB has the system there, otherwise I'll have to get it at Best Buy. I've got Ghost Recon and Madden 2006 to trade in, so hopefully I'll get good trade value.

Just remember: We're getting the system and A game...one...uno.

Hmm...turns out that they don't have any systems...I get $42 credit though, so I might as well get my games here...hmm...they don't have the new Mario Bros. game though. Oooo, Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow...

Remember...One game...if you get your game here, then you can't get it at Best Buy, and they'll have Mario for sure.

Yeah, but I won't be able to use my  EB credit. I'll just get the Castlevania one. Hmm...but my wife will want to play something too...better get Brain Age...she'll like that one...I'd like to try it too...

Sigh...fine...but that's two games, you'll probably have to pay more than your trade value. C'mon, let's go to Best Buy to get the system then.

(At Best Buy...)

I wonder how much that Castlevania game would be here...

Ok, let's look...but remember: you've already bought TWO games.

Hmmm...they don't have it...but they do have alot of Mario Bros...

Yeah, but you already bought TWO games, and you're only supposed to pick up ONE

Y'know, life is short...besides, what if I get bored playing Castlevania and want something different. Besides, my wife would like Mario Bros. I think I'll get it.

No, put it back


Put it back.


What are you doing? You march right back to the video game department and put that game back!

Lighten up Reason...remember...I'm a D.I.N.K

Yes yes, you use that excuse all the time: Double Income, No Kids...

Yup. Besides, if EB had Mario Bros then I wouldn't have had to buy the other games. This is obviously Electronics Boutique's fault that I'm spending more money on this purchase than planned.

Sigh...you're obviously not going to listen to me about the game...so look...this kid at the till is going to try and sell you on the extended warranty. The DS is only $150, if it busts after 90 days is it really a big deal?

But I always get the extended warranty. Look at what happened to my Palm!

Argh, fine, do what you want. How are you paying?

Best Buy card.

What?! Wait...I thought you weren't going to use that anymore, now that the XBox 360 has been paid off!

Yeah...but...I get an extra month to pay...so its all good...its only 30 days. More money to stock up on M&M wings...they go on special this week!

Fine...you've broken every OTHER rule we had for this purchase.

<Best Buy Employee> Oh, did you want the free no-pay for 3 month option?</Best Buy Employee>
<Me>Oh...uh, sure</ME>

What are you doing?! 30 days is bad enough, now you're doing the full three months?! That's it. I am NEVER coming shopping with you again. This happens EVERY time! What about those great battery chargers you bought almost a year ago for your XBox 360 controllers that you just HAD to have but have never plugged in? And oh, its great that you bought extra controllers for your GameCube since you NEVER PLAY IT! You know what, that's it...I'm outta here! Don't bother calling me again unless you really want to hear the voice of reason!



Nintendo Wii comes out in a few months...you gonna come?

Sigh...yeah...I'll be there...I'm a glutton for punishment...


# re: My Voice of Reason Hates Me

Spoken like a true geek. I never thought that the voice of reason applied to technology when it comes to men? Kind of like the voice of reason when it comes to women and shoes. I guess men and women are not so different after all. ;)

- willyd 7/1/2006 8:10 AM | William

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