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Old Nintendo Geek, meet Young Nintendo Geek / SpiderMan 3 Trailer

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 8:29 PM

Spidey 3 Trailer
First off, head over here to see the brand new teaser trailer for SpiderMan 3 that is being shown with the new Superman movie. I'm very stoked about it...and yet...and I mean, it is just a TEASER trailer...but I have this horrible feeling like Venom is going to end up being the last 15 minutes of the movie or something. They showed Topher briefly as Eddie while he's in the church and Peter is up top by the church bell ridding himself of the costume...but that's it...more scenes of Green Goblin 2 and Sandman than Venom. Oi Vey...so much promise, so much potential for disaster...

Old NES Geek, meet Young Ness Geek
So a co-worker who's 6 years my junior (and I'm not 30 yet) was telling me about how his sister found a box of old Nintendo games while cleaning her house, so he and his roomates have been playing classics like NARC and the Mario Bros. games. As well, he was telling me about playing the original Contra and how hard it was. “You're using the code for the extra men though, right?” He had no idea what I was talking about. “No, seriously, you know...'The Code'...the one everyone knows about with Konami games...sometimes called the 'Konami Code'...” Blank stare. So I had to explain to him, as if I was a father passing on to his son a family secret that would imbue him with special powers:

Up Up, Down Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

”And thus ye shall have nay 3 but 30 men to thus wipeth out the evil alien queen wench”

Seriously...that code should be taught in school. Everyone should know about it...its part of pop culture, there are shirts made out of it...it's probably a question on some episode of Jeopardy.

Either way...I left the conversation feeling a little bit older.



# re: Old Nintendo Geek, meet Young Nintendo Geek / SpiderMan 3 Trailer

Crap I've felt old talking about the original Doom to people let alone mentioning NES games. I remember when having a ping of just under 300 was a good thing for Doom but now everone and their dog has high speed connections to their bedrooms. 6/28/2006 4:48 AM | Jason Row

# re: Old Nintendo Geek, meet Young Nintendo Geek / SpiderMan 3 Trailer

I just pulled out the old nintendo and cant find any old game websites with faqs on the games. wtf they need faqs on games like ironsword 10/4/2006 12:33 PM | d

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