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Sorry CBit, I guess it was my motherboard after all...

Monday, June 26, 2006 8:33 PM

So I decided to get another stick of 512 ram to bring my rig's total rammage to a whopping 1.5 Gig. Oh yeah baby, feel the power as I play WoW!

So I go to my local hardware shop and pick up a stick of ram. I come home, and because of a busy project, don't find the time to get it into the rig for a few days. Finally do, and...um...my rig isn't booting. Odd. I swap the stick out with one of my current ones just to make sure that its not a bad stick. Turns out that one was...my rig wouldn't POST with it in any configuration.

So back to the store I go, return the ram and get a new stick. Joyously, I go to put it into the rig tonight. After inserting the new ram, I cackle maliciously as I push the power button that will bring my machine back to life! Mua ha ha ha...huh?...no screen...son of a ...

So I swap out the stick with one of hte existing ones, totally thinking that its not going to boot...but it does...and I get a screen! Well what's up with that? So I put the existing stick taht I removed into the third slot and reboot...no go. How odd. My rig can hold 2 Gig of ram though...what could the problem be? Apparantly, I purchased a motherboard (P4PE) with an interesting, and expensively annoying, quirk (found this Googling):

“Unfortunately, with the DDR-333 speed boost, there are new limitations on what memory modules you can use on the P4PE. The board has three DIMM slots, but only two of them can be used with double-sided DDR modules. The third slot can be used with a single-sided DDR module, if you can find one. Many memory manufacturers discontinued the usage of single sided DDR modules quite a long time ago, so you'll be lucky if you can find a compatible DDR-333 memory module to work in the third DIMM slot. For most practical purposes, the third DIMM slot will remain off limits for most users, which begs the questions, why put it there in the first place? We think that insisting on a third DIMM slot simply causes more configuration problems than actually helps people utilize more system memory.”

Now, the first stick of RAM did have an issue...but hey, anyone want to buy a stick of PC-2700 RAM?

Grr...need to WoW for a bit...



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