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Who let the girls in?!

Friday, June 23, 2006 1:45 PM

So Trish Lacey has added her blog to GWB. I'm sure that her blog hits have gone through the roof from people reeling from the shock and awe of a female who not only works for Microsoft but plays WoW as well. I mean, not that I'm bitter or anything. I've only been part of this community since November 2005 with a unisex name, expounding on my geeky life including video games, coding, football, etc., and does Chris Williams ever call ME a 'hottie'?! Hell no!

 (mind you...I did sit on Brendon's lap in a car ride in Orlando...but that's a different story).

What's this Trisha girl got over me anyway? Let's compare...

Trisha D'Arcy
Plays an attractive Night Elf in WoW Plays a hot Undead warrior in WoW
('cause nothing says hot like rotting flesh)
Works for Microsoft Works for a Microsoft Gold Partner
Played video games as a kid Born with a table-top Pac Man game in hand
Is called 'hottie' by other geeks Gets pretty hot when there's no AC on in the office

I mean, seriously, if I didn't mention in some posts that I was married, no one would know whether D'Arcy referred to a girl who followed sports, video games, and all things geeky, or a guy (well...possibly a really butchy girl...which is the stereotype...and a wrong one, since all the girls that I know who meet that criteria aren't butchy at all...so nevermind...but I digress...).

And is her name really Trish or is it short for Patrisha? What would have happened if she went with the other shortening, hmmm? Somebody named “Pat” who plays a female Night Elf on WoW doesn't sound as attractive...sounds more like these guys (the whole video is funny, but fast forward to about 1:23 in for context).

But seriously Trisha, welcome to GWB. Y'know, it just may be that your blog will be the thing that helps geeks everywhere get over their stereotypical views of marketing people, and open themselves up to bridging the gap in their companies and forming stronger bonds with those that market and sell the products they build.

Or your blog might just spark a new wave of WoW followers wanting to help kill Bloody Buccaneers down in Booty Bay




# re: Who let the girls in?!

D'Arcy - you are hilarious! Thanks for the welcome!! 6/27/2006 7:55 PM | tlacey

# re: Who let the girls in?!

well it did get kinda hot in that car... maybe because there were 6 of us. didnt someone post pics from that night?
6/28/2006 8:58 AM | Blogus Maximus

# re: Who let the girls in?!

If you do a Google image search for "D'Arcy Lussier", they'll show up.

LOL...I had just met everyone that day too...nothing says "How YOU doin'?" than cramming 6 geeks into a 2 door Sebring.

D 6/28/2006 9:02 AM | D'Arcy from Winnipeg

# re: Who let the girls in?!

That is hilarious! I was there that night too, remember? Here is the post from Matt's blog about it: http://www.devcow.com/weblogs/TechEd++Day+5+Thats+All+Folks.aspx
6/28/2006 11:12 AM | tlacey

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