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D'Arcy-Ed: What a Week!

Friday, June 16, 2006 8:02 AM

And so D'Arcy-Ed has come to a close. Not much is schedule for today, as we wanted to leave time for people to travel home. There's still some sessions going on today, mainly around “the project”, but otherwise its pretty quiet.

We've decided to let people attend from their hotel rooms this morning as well (i'm writing this in my 'jammas and bed head). Better access to coffee and back bacon (because all Canadians eat back bacon every morning for breakfast...no joke...the next time, my Yank friends, you see a Canadian, ask them what they had for breakfast...I guarantee you they'll say back bacon...seriously, unless its Tim...y'know, Tim from Canada. Tell him D'Arcy from Winnipeg said he's an ass.)

Tonight there's a special treat for attendees though: CFL Football! Plus, there's a very good...nay, absolute...chance that there will be extra sessions on “the project” over the weekend.


D'Arcy-Ed...like Manitoba, filled with Spirited Energy!



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