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CFL Primer for all my Yank friends...

Wednesday, June 14, 2006 11:00 AM

Ah June...the month that brings with it the start of the new CFL (Canadian Football League) season. The Canadian version of football is faced paced, exciting, and fun. There are many who debate which is better: CFL or NFL, and some that say that the CFL is a second rate league, yadda yadda. But I look at it this way:

The CFL is like Checkers: fast, quick, and more about execution than strategy (although that still comes into play)
The NFL is like Chess: very strategic, slower pace, different mindset

So let's take a quick look at some rule differences between the CFL and NFL:

Play Clock
In the CFL, you only have a 20 second play clock, as opposed to the 40 second clock in the NFL

Number of Downs
CFL only provides teams with 3 downs to make 10 yards

Field Size
The CFL field is wider and longer than the NFL counterparts. Also, our endzones are larger and the field goal posts are located at the front of the endzone close to the goal line

Missed Field Goal/Punt Through Endzone
If you miss a field goal and it goes through the endzone, or you punt the ball and it goes through the endzone, or a team concedes a touchback, the kicking team receives a point

No Fair Catches
If your team is receiving the ball, you have to field it. However, all members of the opposing team must keep 5 yards away from the ball until it is touched by a receiving player

Ugly Cheerleaders
Well, this really only applies to the Saskatchewan Roughriders. :P

That's a highlight of the main differences. To get more info on the league and the teams, check out




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