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JPod: You need to read this book!

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 5:55 PM

So I'm reading Douglas Coupland's book JPod, which if you're a geek is a must read. How would I describe it? Mix in Seinfeld, Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, The Office, and Office Space in a blender. Then add a good helping of geek and voila: a book that you just can't put down.

*Spoiler Alert*

Within the first few chapters...er...sections (there's not really any “chapters” per se...just pages with large fonts and non-sensical text), we're introduced to the members of JPod, a small grouping of cublices at a Canadian game company. Members include: the slutty asian-afinity chick, the somewhat normal main character, the grew-up-in-a-lesbian-commune-and-now-wants-to-be-normal guy, a cowboy, a guy who needs to eat everything around him, and a graphic artist that can't figure out how the hell she ended up in JPod...so pretty much your average development studio. ;)

We also find out that Ethan, the main character, has a mother who runs a grow-op in her basement and has killed a biker. His dad, trying to get into acting but failing miserably, is boning some chick Ethan went to high school with (she was 2 years younger). In between are discussion about what their character profiles would be in a cartoon, open letters to Ronald McDonald to instigate some form of relationship (because, as an asexual clown, he must be lonely), and geek flirting ( read: Ethan tries to get Kaitlin to notice him by switching her keyboard keys on her. She responds by rearranging his so the word @$$hole is prominently displayed in the third row...Ethan responds by buying some European keyboard off of EBay...ah, geek love!). And this is all with being only 50 pages in!

*End Spoiler Alert*

Fantastic read. Definately worth your time...you'll get a kick out of it...especially in parts where the new marketing guy wants to add a turtle into the skateboarding game the company is working on because his son likes turtles, and if his son likes turtles then all kids must! Marketing theory at its finest!

So stop reading this blog and go out and get it already! Check out the official website here.



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