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Hockey, Football

Tuesday, June 6, 2006 9:06 AM

Now, before everyone and their dog jumps on the “Conklin Haters” bandwagon, let's not forget something: the Oilers gave up a huge lead WITH their starting goalie in net before the backup gave up the worst goal in history. The Oil better get their game together for tomorrow night, and play the whole 60 minutes.

So Winnipeg still has no idea who they're going to use for their starting quarterback. They play in Montreal this week, and not all the players are going. Players staying back basically know that they're on the team though (only the ones coaches still need to see are going to play). Interestingly, only 3 of the quarterbacks are going...and Kevin Glenn is one of them.



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You got it right. I feel bad for the guy really. But, the oilers didn't quit playing - the 'Canes started playing. They were handling the puck like nobodies business. Beautiful passes all over the ice. Face it, the Oilers are out gunned and short staffed. 6/6/2006 9:49 AM | Lance

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