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CFL Conundrum

Friday, June 2, 2006 7:02 AM

I'm totally at a loss for who I should cheer for this year in the CFL. Obviously, it won't be a team in the West since none of them look to be contenders. The real Grey Cup is going to happen at the division championship level, with the Grey Cup game being a formality. But for kicks and giggles, here's how I think its going to shake down in the West, or as I like to call it:

Division of Mediocrity
British Columbia

So that brings us to the East division, and I'm really torn because all four teams look to be contenders:

I know, why the heck would I be cheering for Montreal? Well, after taking a trip to the city, I kind of feel an afinity to all things Montreal-ish, and I've always been a Don Mathews fan. They've been solid in their execution and performance over the last few years, and you can never count them out. However, they have lost some coaching staff, and how many more years can Calvillo perform at the level he has before he goes Danny McManus on us?

Toronto is a powerhouse: Pinball Clemons as a coach, Damon Allen as QB, and Ricky Williams at RB. Nevermind that they also hold 4 2005 CFL All Stars as well. Toronto is stacked, and should be the team to beat in the East.

Now, Hamilton has been dismal since their 2004 9-8 outing, but that was on the back of Danny McManus. Now with Jason Maas at the helm, its a whole new Tiger-Cats. They won't be the doormats of the CFL anymore...that role will be handed back to Saskatchewan where it belongs.

Considering I live here, you'd think who to cheer for would be a no brainer...but it isn't. I love that we have a head coach (Doug Berry) that knows how to win...and has learned how to win from Don Mathews at that. I'm actually pumped that we signed Onterrio Smith, although he still needs to get in shape and heal from the foot injury...but we still have Charles Roberts, and you can't discount his worth. The attitude of the team, the personnel that we've assembled...all of this should make it obvious who I should be cheering for. But then I look and Oh My God, Kevin Glenn is back QB'ing this team?! Seriously?! There wasn't anyone else available? Every team in the CFL has a feature QB: BC has Dickenson, Edm has Ray, Cal has Burris, Sask has Joseph, Ham has Maas, TO has Allen, Montreal has Calvillo. We have...Glenn?! Damn that makes me nervous.

So tell me who you think I should cheer for...I'll probably default to Winnipeg...but the East just looks awesome all around.



# re: CFL Conundrum

The CFL needs to come further east. When's the Halifax or Moncton team going to arrive! 6/2/2006 11:03 AM | Jason Row

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