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Apprentice, Ricky Williams

Tuesday, May 30, 2006 6:35 AM


Unless Sean really screws something up, he should easily win the task. It's unfortunate that Lee actually did get to the end...I like to see an even competition going into the final boardroom, but this one just seems way too lopsided...unless its just the editing making it look that way. Lee's team might just pull out the best hockey event ever and the BNL concert might be a total bust. But still...Sean should win.

Ricky Williams

It's official: Ricky Williams is now in the Canadian Football League as a Toronto Argonaut. This is fantastic for the league! When you bring in big names from the NFL (and it doesn't happen all that often...I think the last one would have been Andre “Bad Moon” Rison a few years back) you just automatically get a bit of a jump in interest. Our local paper has been abuzz with comparisons between Ricky and Onterrio Smith, another former NFL back that we signed to our BlueBombers recently. On paper Ricky looks to be the better of the two, but we'll see how Onterrio does after his foot gets better. Plus, Onterrio was brought in to mainly to kick returns...Ricky should be a feature back with TO for sure.


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Ricky Williams for Apprentice! 6/1/2006 6:23 AM | Steven R

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