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Calgary Code Camp: Daniel Carbajal on LinQ

Saturday, May 27, 2006 8:18 AM

First presentation of the code camp was Daniel Carbajal on the newest May CTP of Orca, which includes the LinQ tools.

LinQ is a new technology in Orca that sits as a layer on top of ADO.NET. Although you can still use ADO.NET in Orca, you also now have the ability to use LinQ exclusively and not touch ADO.NET again...ever..seriously. No more creating command objects or whatnot...its all done behind the scenes now.

Some other very kewl features are xml write in the code file (no more wrapping it in double quotes...just start typing angled brackets), ability to query collections of objects, and a standardized way to query objects, databases, dataset, and xml!

Daniel will be posting his presentaiton and code samples on his website...which seems to be down right now...I'll post a link once its up

Onto the next session.



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