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Random Thoughts from a Calgary Hotel Room

Friday, May 26, 2006 9:39 PM

Tomorrow is the Calgary Code Camp, and I'm pretty stoked about going. It'll be great to meet the two Calgary-based UG leaders, Daniel and Dawn. Steve is coming down with Donald and Justice Gray from Edmonton as well, so it'll be one big Albertan/INETA-CC love-in.

Speaking of Steve, I bought the book he recommended today (JPod by Douglas Coupland). If you're interested in getting it, Chapters/Indigo has it on for 30% off and an extra 10% if you have the iRewards card...and Sunday is a double iRewards discount day (not sure if it was just the location here in Calgary I was at, or all of them). Haven't started reading it yet...I've gotta finish Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System by Sam Guckenheimer first. FANTASTIC read...even if you aren't going to get VSTS, it's got alot of great discussion on the “Value Up“ paradigm of software project management as opposed to the “Work Down“ view.

No, I didn't bring the Mexican wrestling mask with me....or did I? ;)

I went to Milestone with my wife and bro/sis in law tonight for dinner. Excellent restaurant as long as you don't get the steak. My wife got some chicken pesto fettucinni...amazing. My sis-in-law got ribs...awesome. My bro-in-law got some thai-chicken salad that I swear had an entire head of lettuce in it...looked really good. I got a steak...not cooked right...a little cold...and somewhat disapointing. The idea was that you get three dipping sauces for your steak. Kewl idea, but bad execution. I would have gotten a pasta if we ever went back. But the waitress was awesome, the desserts and apps were great, and if you live in Calgary you should definately check it out. Just be fore-warned about the steak.

When you look on a map of Calgary and think “It's not that far from the #1 highway to the new Ikea“, remember that yes, it IS that far.

Paying no provincial sales tax on stuff kicks @$$.

Having free internet access that isn't wireless in your hotel room also kicks @$$

If you have a choice when renting a car between a Seabring and anything else, take anything else.

Having to swipe your room key in the elevator to access your floor is kinda dumb.

k...enough chit chat...off to bed.




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