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Wednesday, May 24, 2006 8:00 AM

I give up. Screw you 70-301 and damn you to hell.

After retaking the exam this morning, apparantly I STILL don't know dick about deploying a solution. Nada. Zip. And as I think through the questions I was asked, I honestly can't think of which ones I would have screwed up on. I started to write some of the ones I wasn't sure about down, but realized that the areas those questions dealt with (Building a team, facilitating risk, planning a project) were all my top scores. Seriously, is there like one question that the entire deployment piece is based on? How can I get great scores in every area EXCEPT one?! it makes absolutely no sense...but whatever...to hell with this exam. My boss bought me a new SQL 2005 book so I'm going to focus on that and write the new sql 2005 exam that now counts towards the MCSD certification.

Seriously...I've struggled with exams before, but this one is just infuriating because the scoring just doesn't make sense. If I was really inept in a few areas, I could live with it (and admitantly, my Envisioning score went down in this take compared to it being my highest my first time through), but when you do well comparatively in all other areas and get a ZERO in one, there's something wrong. We're pushing ahead with Team System anyway, and MSF 4.0 is a departure from the MSF 3.0 paradigm...so it's probably best that I don't dwell on the older stuff anymore. I know I'm good with analysis, design, and project management principles, and it just pisses me off that I don't even get to see what I was getting wrong.



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ouch... I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with this exam. May I ask what methods/tools you have been using to prepare for it? 5/24/2006 10:05 AM | Chris Williams

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