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Winnipeg, The Cult, 70-301

Tuesday, May 23, 2006 9:30 PM

Just got back not too long ago from the Cult concert here in Winnipeg. The evening opened with Bangkok 5, and I really felt sorry for them. In fact, before I go on, let me comment on the crowd:

Just like a Winnipeg car in January, the crowd took almost 2 hours to warm up. I'm really not sure what it is here...if we're just too worried about other people thinking we're losers, or whether we're just snobby, or whether we really just have no emotion...but it took a LOT of prodding from Ian Astbury to get the crowd pumped up and into the concert. Once they got going, much like that car in January, it rolled along just fine.

Now, back to the acts. Bangkok 5 opened the set, and were quite good for an unknown opening act. The guys tried in vain to elicit some reaction from the crowd, and they got some response...great set though...reminded me of LA Guns mixed with a splash of Green Day.

Controller Controller was up next...interesting band...I'd heard the name but never actually heard the music. They had a great set...very enjoyable.

Then The Cult came out. These guys played for almost two hours, and you wouldn't know that they were in their mid 40's at all. Amazing energy and raw skill. They performed all the big hits (Edie, Sweet Soul Sister, She Sells Sanctuary, Fire Woman), as well as lesser known stuff, but the crowd ate it up (again, after they were woken up).

If you get a chance to see The Cult, its definately worth it. I went in with minimal expectations, and came out really impressed. You never know with these “older bands back on tour” gigs how they'll end up, but if they make good on their promise and put out a new record and tour, I'll be in line to get tickets again.

In geek news, I'm re-writing my 70-301 tomorrow morning. Ugh...half hour of studying, then off to bed for me.



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