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Dev Teach Quotes

Monday, May 15, 2006 7:54 AM

Donald Belcham posted here about some of the quotes that were said during the week...hilarious!...he mentions as well that some needed to be heard in context, so let me expound on some of them.

“Swear at me Nolan, Swear at me!”
I'm a morning person. My buddy Nolan apparantly isn't. We started discussing what it would be like working together, where I'd be uber-chipper at 8AM and singing the Viagra “Good morning“ song and he'd be “F*ck off”. So the joke for the week was me getting Nolan to swear at me...kind of a “had to be there” thing. (Note: I'd be singing the song...not actually taking the medication...just wanted to clarify)

“...and that's how you get semen out of a bull”
Yes, we did have a lengthy conversation about how to manually impregnate a cow, and what's done in the “collecting” and “fertilizing” steps. I'm including that discussion in my recap-presentation to the guys here at work.

“Hey Cowboy“
We lambasted Donald after dinner Thursday night because he didn't put a play on the waitress at the restaurant. Another comment that was missed from the list from that night was when we had the waitress take a group picture of us, and she wanted to take a second one because of the glare in teh window behind us...Rob Windsor says “We're not going to get any better looking.“ LOL...classic

“You've got a nice rump“
Guys...learn from my mistake...never, EVER tell your wife that she has a nice 'rump'. They don't find it flattering.

“Can you hold my wireless please?“
Before I realized I needed to switch my external USB network card to mixed mode, I was trying in vain to get a connection. I thought maybe it was my positioning, so I attached the extra USB cord and base to the USB nic, and asked Jason to hold it, hoping that if he was positioning himself a bit higher and closer to the access point, it might help. Looking back, it was pretty funny.

“Dude, I have that car in PGR 3“
Montreal has alot of nice cars on the street...including Ferraris. Upon seeing the car, the first thing I thought of was my quest to own all ferrari vehicles in Project Gotham Racing 3. It doesn't get more geeky than that folks.

Gonna miss Montreal, but the Calgary Code Camp happening May 27th is coming up...looking forward to another good time and hopefully some of the Edmonton guys can come down.


# re: Dev Teach Quotes

I think I did well to not have a quote listed. I guess it's because I'm more action than talk :) 5/15/2006 9:24 AM | Jason Row

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