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We traded Leo for Ed The Sock?

Saturday, May 13, 2006 10:00 PM

Remember Call For Help? Those of you in the states would remember it as the Tech TV show hosted by Leo Laporte. It got canned after the G4/TechTV merger, but Leo showed up on the Canadian version of G4 on the Canadian produced Call For Help.

I was watching G4's E3 coverage tonight and low-and-behold, we've not exported another Canadian icon to add to the list, which includes Celine Dion, Mike Meyers, Michael J. Fox, Pam Anderson, Dan Akroyd, and Morgan Webb. Yes, Americans can now enjoy...Ed The Sock.

Ed is pretty funny...I really enjoyed his stints on Much Music...I never watched his late night talk show though, which I'm sure is something along the lines of Howard Stern...but as a sock.

So cook up the back bacon, pour a cup of maple syrup, and get ready to be Canadianized once again...eh?



# re: We traded Leo for Ed The Sock?

Man alive, I sure do miss watching Leo and Patrick on "The Screensavers". That show was awesome, they had some really cool stuff on there. I even miss that geeky Chris on the original "call for Help" 5/14/2006 7:42 AM | Shaneo

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